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Looking For Fresh Appearances?

Here comes two stylish series, the metallic glazed and the matte striped design. The former adds a touch of playfulness to your camera, while the striped pattern gives out a low-key lavish feeling. The H35N not only delivers exceptional image quality but also boasts a voguish design, making it the perfect chic accessory in the room.

Built-in Star Filter

The filter is used to create four-beam flares on beaming spots. Commonly used in shooting night illuminations, reflections on water surfaces, and scenes with tiny light sources.


Coated, Improved Glass Lens


One element of acrylic lens is replaced by glass lens which helps to sharpen the clarity of the images.

Bulb Function (Long Exposure)
With the use of a tripod, it helps to capture the trail of moving objects.

Tripod Hole

For best results, use a tripod to keep your camera steady and activate the bulb shutter to support long exposure photography.

*Cable release and tripod are not included with the product.

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