1. Do you ship worldwide?

We ship worldwide unless prohibited by our courier. If you could not find your country at checkout or you are not sure if your country is accepted, kindly send us an email before placing your order.

2. What are the options for shipping?

We use Deliverr as our shipping courier. Their courier partner in the States is USPS, for internation shipments the default courier is DHL.The shipping duration and fee will differ from the shipping destination you choose.

3. How much does shipping cost?

Shipping cost is automatically calculated at checkout, before order confirmation. The shipping rate is according to the weight of your order. Import duties, taxes or charges for customs clearance, if any, is not included.

4. How long does it take to get my order?

Affected by the COVID-19 and holiday seasons, please expect pro-longed delivery duration (exact delivered date cannot be guaranteed) after orders dispatched. Our company will not be held responsible for any delay of shipment. And we do not offer refund in any such circumstance.

Below shipping duration (under normal days) for reference only:

Region Estimated time of delivery after dispatch*
United States of America 3-7 working days
Asia-Pacific and Europe 5-10 working days
Rest of the World 7-14 working days

A small percentage of package might be inspected by customs and shipment might be delayed. Our company held no responsibility for import duties, taxes or charges for customs clearance, if any.

*Estimated delivery time exclude any uncontrollable shipment situation (e.g. held by customs/ COVID-19 etc.) which shipment maybe prolonged beyond control.

5. Is the product waterproof?

The product is not waterproof. Please avoid excessive heat and cold, and prevent contact with moisture. Keep it in a dry, cool place for better protection of films.

6. Cancellation, Return & Replacement

We do not accept cancellation and refund in any circumstance. If the product is found defective within 30 days of receiving the product, customers can contact our Customer Services department for a replacement request. A replacement includes a free exchange of one unit but not a refund of money. Defective products do not refers to below:

  • Cosmetic damage, including scratches or dents;
  • Damage caused by accident, abuse, misuse, mishandling, misplacement, or alteration;
  • Damage caused by fire, earthquake, electrical power problems, theft, or other external cause;
  • Damage caused by operating the product outside of our published guidelines and/or with incompatible accessories or a third party device;
  • The product that has been disassembled;
  • Defects caused by normal wear and tear or otherwise due to the normal aging of the product

For more details, please see our Return Policy.

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